Well, recently, two really awesome things have happened to me.

  1. I've got mod rights.
  2. Look at my edit count.

Well, because I've gotten mod rights back and have reached half of 10,000 edits (even though most aren't mainspace), I will give special thanks to friends of mine.

Clone/Br1ck - I think you guys were some of my best friends on this wiki, ever. Completely trustworthy, fun, and nice. Both of you are gone now, but I still want to thank you, for being so awesome. I really miss you guys, though I support your departure from Brickipedia.

Bug - You're also one of my best friends here, but I kept you separate from Clone and Br1ck because, well, you were separate. :P But you are awesome. It's been fun doing RoTK, which hopefully we'll continue when 'Media is back. You're also really awesome because you were tolerant to Doctor Who and ROBLOX, and I got you to really like it. You agree with me in "political" decisions here, etc. You're a true friend.

Czech - I think you're more of a controversial friend. :S We've been friends since we've joined, always very close, but recently we've been mad at each other. :S I don't know why. Maybe it's because of all the "political" stuff going on here. I still look at you as a great friend, though. We've had fun building on ROBLOX, especially on my server. :3 I hope you change your mind on me.

Jeyo - I don't know why I like you, I just do. You're a great admin, a great editor and a great builder. You're really nice and everything. Again, I honestly don't know why I think of you as a really good friend, maybe it's the Vladekness? :P

CM4S - Oops, I forgot you. :S Anyways, you're definitely a great friend. You may get mad at me (and other people) easily, but in the long term, you're awesome. It's been fun playing ROBLOX and stuff, and I want to stay friends with you.

Others - Uh... Don't know what to say. You're all awesome, and you've all helped the community in some way. If I haven't mentioned you, please tell me.

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