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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Comic Series

    November 22, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    Meh. So I had an idea. Maybe I could create some comic series. It will take place in Brickipedia. This will just be a bunch of funny comics, maybe with some plot, I don't know. I'm still deciding how it should be, but if you want to be in it, please comment.

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Looks like the last contest didn't go well... Hopefully this one will do better! I've decided to do a Doctor Who building contest to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, which will be in 2 weeks and four days. You can do any creation you want, just as long as it has to do with Doctor Who. Same rules as most building contests. The winner will be chosen for the best design, most creativity, and most accuracy. Get building!

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Breaking Chi

    October 20, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    So, a few days ago in chat, I realized that Chima could be changed to be more like real life, but I don't think you'll see much of a change in this.

    • Ravens and Furty = Shady drug dealers
    • Eagles = Communist society
    • Gorillas = Hippies that take a lot of Chi
    • Lions = Police
    • Wolves = Rednecks who make fried eagles chicken
    • Beavers = Working class
    • Rhinos = Jocks who skip school
    • Bears = Drunks
    • Laval = Dork in school, says Chi is bad because his dad is a cop, takes Chi anyway
    • Lagravis = Commissioner Gordon
    • Crocodiles = A criminal gang
    • Crooler = Sells orchids with drugs hidden in them, dragging costumers mindlessly into her swamp
    • One Fabulander = Walter White

    If you have any ideas for the list, please comment.

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Ninjago/Chima news

    September 24, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    Well, there's been some new Ninjago and Chima news, I'll start with Ninjago.

    Uh-oh, looks like Zane is upgrading the ninjas (either that, or he's deleting them.) Recently, a picture of a Cyberninja (Nindroid) has been leaked from eBay. A black Nindroid, with this cool mask. He has really cool parts, and I look forward to him. And I suspect that there will be a red Cyberninja, a green Cyberninja, a blue Cyberninja, and Zane. Do you think there will be Cyberdragons? Cybersensei? And maybe a Cybergarmadon? I'm hoping that they will spread and have to rip out the brains of the ninja to upgrade them. :3 But whatever.

    UPDATE Nope, they're all black. :( It would be better if they were all the colors of the other ninja. Still no Zane. New Kai hair! …

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Yay, I'm very happy!

    September 16, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    Well, recently, two really awesome things have happened to me.

    1. I've got mod rights.
    2. Look at my edit count.

    Clone/Br1ck - I think you guys were some of my best friends on this wiki, ever. Completely trustworthy, fun, and nice. Both of you are gone now, but I still want to thank you, for being so awesome. I really miss you guys, though I support your departure from Brickipedia.

    Bug - You're also one of my best friends here, but I kept you separate from Clone and Br1ck because, well, you were separate. :P But you are awesome. It's been fun doing RoTK, which hopefully we'll continue when 'Media is back. You're also really awesome because you were tolerant to Doctor Who and ROBLOX, and I got you to really like it. You agree with me in "political" …

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