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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Apologies to all

    September 5, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    You know, I think I've been an idiot lately. But I've come to my senses finally. We're breaking apart because we're all being jerks to each other, and I think we should all apologize to each other, and make things up. I'm going to have messages for certain users here, and I hope you have some in the comments also.

    @Meiko: I think you're the one I need to apologize to the most. I've been stupid to you, we all have. And it's been causing this stupid mayhem that's been happening. I think the whole hashtag experience was stupid, and I should have not gotten into it, but I didn't. And that was stupid. I also am sorry for causing a lot of hate to you through RfA and I hope you won't shun me. But you probably have already.

    @Czech: Sorry. I'm sorry …

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    These are based off interactions with other characters, not based off of personalities.

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Minifigures MMO

    August 31, 2013 by Awesomeknight1234

    Okay, so recently we saw a trailer and gameplay for the upcoming Minifigures MMO. Well, these are my thoughts. I really think this looks cool so far, especially the worlds. I freaking love that ogre! I hope we get a figure for that sometime, but I doubt it. :3 Hades looks cool, and skeleton warriors are bringing me some nostalgia. The trailer made me think a lot about LEGO Universe and, "whoa, this might be better than Chima." But then we got gameplay footage. Sadly, it isn't in the standard 3rd Person view like in LU, but a view more like in Chima MMO. >_> Same with controls, you don't use arrow keys, you click, which looks annoying. For other bad things, those unknown orc-looking things look cool, but I think they're supposed to be satyr…

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    Well, looking at blogs these days, I realized they're being too repetitive. Only Sig-Figs, Boup blogs, and attempts to make community-wide loved phenomenons like Boup. But I think, these blogs are getting boring, and we haven't seen a building contest in a while. I haven't done one, either, not after the whole RoTK contest that was getting a lot of attention. So, I'm deciding to do a contest on popular TV shows. Yes, they can be any TV show that you like. :P Get creative!

    • This is a contest on TV shows, not movies.
    • Cannot be based on LEGO shows.
    • Cannot be fannon.
    • Must be a whole set and not just a minifigure.
    • Cannot be a stolen creation.
    • Can be on LDD or real life.
    • Can be from a project you've been working on.
    • Cannot be based off more than one sho…

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  • Awesomeknight1234

    CM4S is a time traveler from the future!!!! He says Soup is his mommy!!!! This means in the future when Soup and Bug get married, they have CM4S!!!! And both Bug and Soup are blond and CM4S has black hair!!!! This means CM4S dyed his hair and is actually blond!!!! Well, that's all.

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