• BP1992

    It's just not my night is the first sketch of my LEGO Islandspin off series. It is based on the McKenzie Falls episode Cliffhanger

    It was a beautiful Saturday night on LEGO Island and at the church, Pastor Gideon Worse was about to commemorate Pepper’s freshman year. He was having a night of prayer for Pepper as he had just begun his freshman year at LEGO Island University. Pepper began to feel depressed because his love interest, Sky Lane wasn‘t here. His best friend, Brandon Wilson, came out to see him. He was a volunteer fire fighter.

    BRANDON: Yo’ Pep! Whatcha doin’ out here, man?

    PEPPER: Just had to get out of that party, Brandon!

    BRANDON: But you can’t just fire up on them like that, man. This is your night.

    PEPPER: Brandon, if it was my nigh…

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  • BP1992

    LEGO City Ideas-Great Vehicles

    December 17, 2012 by BP1992

    Here are some ideas for LEGO City's Great Vehicles category.

    60019 Limousine

    60020 18 Wheeler

    60021 Car Transporter

    60022 Ice Cream Truck

    60024 F1 Race Car

    60025 Jeep

    60026 Enterprise Van

    60037 RV

    60028 Roadster

    60029 School Bus

    The Limousine is painted in black, but is an upgraded version of the Limousine included in the 2010 set, 3222 Helisopter and Limousine.

    The USPS Postal and the Enterprise Vans are a replica of the 7731 Mail Van from 2008 only with USPS colors.

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