Hey! I had the idea to start a RPG based around LU on chat a few moments ago, with Nuff. This will go like the normal game, possibly with some added worlds and storylines. Everyone will be starting on the Venture Explorer, so there's no need to include your faction in your application (unless, of course, you want to be Maelstrom. ;)) Note: This is not only a signup blog, RP will occur here too.

How to Apply

*Maelstrom: yes/no



  • Name: Dalekst
  • Hair: Orange "Conan" hair
  • Face: Glasses, small smile
  • Torso: Black jacket, baby blue shirt underneath
  • Legs: Light grey
  • Maelstrom: No


  • Name: Brix
  • Hair: Black Anakin Clone Wars hair
  • Face: Any but no facial hair or lines
  • Torso: Black Torso with Graduates robes
  • Legs: Black
  • Maelstrom: Yes I am the leader of it

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