Brick Heroes has uncovered clear pictures of the five DC Universe Super Heroes sets. Note: All names and descriptions have been translated from French.

6858 Catwoman's Catcycle City Chase


"In the dark streets of Gotham City, Batman tries to stop Catwoman to escape with a large diamond on his motorcycle high speed. Help him to overthrow the fire by touching it with his Batarang ultra-fast to stop his escape! Includes 2 figures: Batman and Catwoman. "(89 pieces) --what does that even mean?

6860 The Batcave


"Batman and Robin Poison Ivy hold in the Batcave. But beware! Bane entered the Batcave with his chariot drilling overpowered and he tries to rescue Poison Ivy. Help Batman and Robin Bane to put in his place behind bars! Includes 5 minifigures: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane. "(690 pieces) --I especially enjoy that translation.

6862 Superman vs. Lex Luthor

"The great enemy of Superman, Lex Luthor, Kryptonite has built a robot and captured Wonder Woman. Superman can he avoid weakening the power of the gun Luthor and kryptonite to defeat his evil enemy? Includes three figures: Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. "(207 pieces)

6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City


"Hooked on a scale in his helicopter, the Joker is preparing to launch a bomb" on laughing gas toxic "to the citizens of Gotham City. Luckily help arrives! {Batman rushes aboard his Batwing high speed. Will he use the missiles to put the Joker KO? Includes three figures: Batman, the Joker and henchman. "(278 pieces)

6864 Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase


"Batman goes to the bank in his Batmobile. He sees Two-Face and his evil henchmen escape with a huge safe! Help Batman to stop Two-Face and hands safe in its place! Includes five figures: Batman, Two-Face, two gunmen and a guard. "(531 pieces) --Possibly the worst description ever.

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