As you may or may not know, I'm developing a Super Heroes RPG for the Brickipedia Games Wiki. I still have about seven or eight characters to make, and it takes quite a lot of time. The goal of this contest is to design a Green Lantern minifigure.

  • There will be three winners. The first place winner's entry will likely appear in Krypton Sunset (unless I don't like any of them) as one of the two costumes for the Green Lantern character. All winners, as well as an honorable mention (if one), will recieve specialized awards as well as free studs for the upcoming game (if they play it).
    • On top of the award and high possibility of their design appearing in Krypton Sunset, the first place winner will also recieve 15 free studs for Krypton Sunset. The studs can be spent at an in-game store to buy items, costumes, extra health points, and such.
    • The second place winner will recieve a specialized award and 10 free studs.
    • The third place winner will recieve a specialized award and 5 free studs.
  • I'd prefer for Green Lantern to be Hal Jordan and comic book based, but any other depictions of a Green Lantern corp. member are welcome as long as they are human are accepted.
  • Entries are due Saturday April 7th.
  • Remember, you are doing my work for me, so have fun! :D

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