We have been warned that Brickmaster was to be concluded sometime this year (I think) and replaced with somting that is to be improved. LEGO has been sending out E-mails to those who had subscribed to LEGO Club and Brickmaster about the Master Builder Academy. The idea of it is to improve the building skills of those who subscribe to it using different "themes" such as Space, Creatures, and robots. Subscribers will recieve exclusive LEGO kits like with brickmaster, the article I read was unclear how they teach the children, but I am sure that we'll have more info as release approaches. Besides the exclusive sets (or are they just brick packs?), builders will recieve and exclusive minifigure for different ranks, so far yellow and green have been anounced. Probably one of the best parts about this is, that unlike Brickmaster, Master Builder plans to expand outside of the USA! It is unclear where it will/won't be available sadly. Master Builder Academy is set to be launced in June in the US.


I remember my mother having me fill out a survey a year or two ago for parents (I don't know what she was thinking) but anyway sounds better than Brickmaster to me.

LEGO has not included any pricing information.

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