This wonderland came to my attention this morning, picture below.

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Looks a lot like Scala to me, except with even more pink. Anyway, kind of a follow up to that blog I made a month or two ago about how successful Friends was. I have to say that even though I don't care for the design of the sets (I don't like modern buildings and things very cartoony) the pieces, builds, and even mini-dolls are all very good. I'd rather focus on Barbie a bit.

One of the things I like about the Friends characters is that they are human. They have faults. The only thing Barbie doesn't have going for her on the other hand is that "Math is hard."

Teen Talk RARE "Math Class is Tough" Barbie! Working!

Teen Talk RARE "Math Class is Tough" Barbie! Working!

But really, no-one likes a perfect person.* But you know what they say...

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I suppose that this means that Mega Bloks is perfect. All bow down to them.

*Yes, Superman is perfect. Clark Kent isn't. Two totally different things.


If anybody can figure out how to get that music player to work, please let me know. :P