World 60009 Helicopter Arrest unveiled World

B 60009 box side

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Author:Omega X.23

A new City set, 60009 Helicopter Arrest, has been unveiled. The set includes a robber's hideout located at the harbor with a garage and a truck. Also included is a police helicopter and a boat.

World New Chima Sets revealed World

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Author:Omega X.23

Two new Legends Of Chima sets have been revealed. The sets revealed are 70011 Eagle's Castle and 70012 Razar's Chi Raider. 70011 Eagle's Castle is a Speedorz battle set with an average sized shrine with an Eagle Queen on a throne situated on top of a tower with a eagle motif. Also included are two Speedorz driven by Lennox and an unknown wolf. Weapons, crystals and cards are included too.


70012 Razar's Chi Raider includes a large vehicle belonging to the Raven tribe that bears resemblance to a giant raven. A small shrine and a small eagle weapon is also included along with three minifigures, two belonging to the raven clan.


World Battle Of Hoth revealed World


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Author:Omega X.23

A new Battle Of Hoth set due for release in 2013 has been revealed. The set 75014 Battle Of Hoth includes 6 minifigures and weapons from both sides. This set bears resemblance to the previous Hoth sets released by LEGO.

FlagUs Galaxy Squad Available in US; Two polybags revealed FlagUs

Img160x210 GalaxySquad

Source(s): [1]; [2]


Galaxy Squad sets are now available for purchase to US residents.

These two polybags were also revealed, 30230 Mini Mech and 30231 Space Insectoid, which are not for sale yet.

FlagUs Star Wars Polybags Available FlagUs

Source(s): [3]


These three Star Wars polybags, 8028 Mini TIE Fighter, 30056 Star Destroyer, and 30059 Tank, are available though, from Toys 'R' in the US and Canada.

FlagUs Space Marines Project Reaches 10,000 Supporters on CUUSOO FlagUs


Source(s): [4]


Like the few projects not requiring a license that have passed, it has taken months and it has finally passed, just making the deadline for the Winter 2012 review, which only also features "Purdue Pete". We still have yet to hear the results from the Summer review....

World Minifigures Series 9 Reviewed; Distribution messed with World


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Eurobricks member WhiteFang gives us our first look at Minifigures Series 9 in his review, supplied by LEGO. I would post pictures, but I don't want to just use them without asking, but I'm sure you all will. You can read the review here.

WhiteFang has found that the distribution has changed among the boxes and now there are only two complete sets of figures.


  • Thanks Omega X.23 for writing and reporting most of the articles.
  • SKP4472, for reporting the Galaxy Squad, Star Wars, and Space Marine Things things.
  • WhiteFang, for the review.

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