I posted this on the talk page for Ogel Island a few days ago and would like to see some sort of response, so, what do you think on the subject:

"I didn't add this under list of creatures because I thought I might be accused of vandalism if nobody else had seen these. On LEGO Island 2, when you climb up to the Brickster's Palace (but before you enter), if you angle the camera just right, you can see the ground below filled with what I believe to be bats in pink, bright green, sky blue, blue, purple, and maybe red (I don't remember). There are creatures that I have read about in the Rock Raiders video game who have similar descriptions, and considering the rock monsters and slugs on OGEL, I think it's possible. Has anybody else seen these? If not, I will gladly take a screenshot of them from the game."

Has anybody else seen these?

--Berrybrick 21:05, January 4, 2011 (UTC)


Found this on wikipedia:

"Black BatsBlack Bats seem to thrive in the deep caverns of Planet U. They live in large groups and are harmless, though they do not like to be disturbed by the noise of drilling. They are rarely seen around Rock Raiders HQ. In the rock raiders pc game, black bats cause some rock raiders to run in fear, disrupting mining operations."

So I guess that they are not from Rock Raiders. However, I still think that the neon bats should be considered OGEL wildlife. I will still retrieve a picture if anybody wants proof.

--Berrybrick 21:13, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

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