Found these on Eurobricks.

Speculation on newer figs: Wolffe an Co.-Some of the few nice ones

Eeth Koth-Horrible, should look more like this photo


Quinlan Vos-I can't stand his expression, though that might be the lack of a nose. I think the T-6 Shuttle prelim image had a different face Luke-I prefer the way he appears in many modern MOCs, with his original face and the Surfers hair Watto-Nice 'cept for too much detail Selbuba-Again, too much detail Anakin-Finally, a decent figure here. I would have prefered a smile, but it looks like he is concentrating which makes sense for the scene. Wald-A Rodian is a Rodian! Obi Wan-Face is almost perfect, except for that smile. . . And he has Old Ben's torso!? Maul-I liked the other face better, I kinda wish he had a specially molded head. Padme'-Face actually looks more like her. Very similar to the new Hermione (which is funny because of a bricklist I made which used Hermione's face for Padmes). Clothes are very similar to her 1999 variation. I long for her Geonosis attire. Panaka-Would of liked the helmet to have a little less detail. A maroon hoth one with printing would have worked for me. And what is up with his face! Qui Gon-Okay, I prefer the 2007 face. Savage-Same as with Maul Geonosian-I don't know what to say, I was hoping for some like in LEGO STAR WARS III Mundi-Needs a new face, he's missing his goatee! His head extention also looks as if they tried to hard. I would have like a special head, or a backwords, blank Patricks head to place on top. Generic Ewok-Fine Logray-Worst of the wave in my opinion Nabbo Piolet-Not so sure what they looked like anyway Security Droid-Same as the Battle of Naboo piolet droid (with red printing instead of blue of coarse)!

Also from Eurobricks-

Anybody upset about the new Padme? Take a look at these instructions for a custom one.[1]

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