Alright, I don't want to waste too much time talking, but I'd like to say I posted this here rather than my old 2012 blog because that's basically silent. Well, anyway here are the sets and news of a videogame!-
Do not upload these onto the wikia, and please remember that they are preliminary

Important News Update-I've always wanted to say that. Alright, according to, there will be pictures of the finalized Batcave at New York City next weekend!


Quote from
Sorry to say that this wasn't up for display at the DC booth yet. It was hard enough to get the people running the booth to get the minifigures out. Batman and Green Lantern were given out today, and Superman is supposedly tomorrow. I'll be at NYCC the rest of the weekend, so I'll report things as they appear. Nothing yet though. All they had on display were Arkham City merchandise and DC figurines. No LEGO at all until the employee whipped out the big cardboard box labeled "LEGO Batman," at which point he was swarmed by a small mob. It took two trips through the line just to get one of each minifigure.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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