I don't have time to check to see if someone else has posted this and I'm not used to the keyboard, so typing is weird but bear with me.

Anyway, according to a Eurobricks member who was right about the Star Wars sets, the Super Heroes sets for 2013 are:

A small set with the Batboat, Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Aquaman in an iceberg. He said about 11 pounds.

Another small Marvel set with Spidey, Venom, and Fury. It was described as a Spider-Man chase, apparantly, so probably some vehicles. He also said 11 pounds. An update on that, he said that there was a truck about the size of the Cosmic Cube Escape and said that it may be 20 pounds, rather.

Then we have the TDKR set with Bats, Gordon, and Bane, of course. He said it was the camo Tumbler and Bat(wing) at only about 50 pounds (but these were his price guesses). At that price, I'd like it if it included Catwoman, but whatever.

Then the largest set (which I can't remember the predicted price for) was the Daily Bugle with another Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Nova, JJJ, and Beetle. I forgot, but there is also a jet for the villains. Maybe someone who actually watches the show has an idea of what it looks like? A Doomjet, or whatever?

Arkham wasn't in there, apparently, so it's either an exclusive or is having a bit of a later release. I suppose that would include the remainder of the figures; winged Batman, Arkham Robin, inmate Joker, Dr. Quinzel, Scarecrow, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and another Guard. Note that this is how the figures were sorted at comic-con, interesting....

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