It sounds ridiculous considering LEGO's current policy, but if the characters are yellow like the classic minifigure, LEGO will certainly make them that color.

What characters am I talking about? SpongeBob? No, but close. The Simpsons.

According to Danish site, "Lego will produce Homer and Marge" (a rough translation of the headline).


Personally, I don't understand why. The Simpsons is relatively mild for adult shows today, but it more or less started the raunchy-ish cartoon craze and it is still an adult show.

The sets would be kind of boring too, I suspect. I would think that they would be more civilian than City which might actually make some of them desirable, but I still imagine boring boxes. Yes, Legos (I know, I know >_>) are blocky, but that doesn't mean the creation has to be. It shows more ingenuity when it isn't.

So questionable source material and boring concepts? Sounds like the complaints people have been making about Super Heroes being multiplied.

This does not mean LEGO will produce sets based on The Simpsons, but they are at least in discussions with FOX.

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