Has, um, anybody seen firespitter? He's my pet kanohi Dragon and and can't seem to find him anywhere. To say the least his current status is black flag, which in military terms means "Missing in Action", I think. If anyboby sees a large, four winged, bio-mechanical, flying reptile with a serise of red and black Quaza Spikes running along his back, then please, call the following number to report it so i can get my... my... (sniff), favorite little Firey-wirey-spity-wittty back, (sniff), (sob). Uhh, oops, the rest of you didn't hear that part about what i call Firespitter when no one else is around. The number you are to call if you see him is: 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY. Thank you, I will be posting this message on other wikis so hopefully I can get him back.

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