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  • BlueJay11

    My Announcement!

    July 27, 2013 by BlueJay11

    HELLO Brickipedia,

    Lately I have noticed that many users have or want to leave and many of them I liked and some were my friends on Brickipedia possibly due to the move failing and all. I will be making a blog every week (or every few weeks) containing a quiz, poll, contest or displaying my own creations. This first blog is to announce a new custom theme I am working on. It is to make new characters or remake characters already made by TLG. I will also make sets from time to time, but for know I shall give a little preview.

    There will also be 2 more series and possibly more in the future as well as some vehicles

    I will reveal the 1st series tomorrow hopefully


    BlueJay11 (talk) 22:54, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

    BTW: You can try to guess which cha…

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  • BlueJay11

    Super Heroes Quiz :D

    April 3, 2013 by BlueJay11

    Well a trend begins with polls, quizzes and interactive stories might as well join. :P with a Super Heroes QUIZ!!!!!

    • I appear in 4 movies and 1 reboot movie
    • I am a reporter
    • I live in a made up city
    • I am an alien

    Winner-Pretty much everybody :P

    • I live in Gotham City
    • I am a hero
    • I don't carry any weapons
    • I am a man


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  • BlueJay11

    Well as the name says I am making Custom Brickipedians. I will try to make all the Brickpedians I can but here are the ones that are in the 1st wave.

    Chipika you will be in the next wave

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  • BlueJay11

    Hi, Fellow users

    I know you haven't seen much of me lately on this wiki is because I have a little LEGO MMOG Project going on and I am the Creator/Leader of it. I have been very successful of finding many people to join my project both here and on the LU Wiki, but before Animation begins I need more animators! And the Title of my Game is LEGO World!

    As it may sound LEGO World is Not a remake of the LEGO Universe MMOG. Enemies, Storyline, NPCs and worlds and all are all completly different. Instead of the Shards of Nexus there will be plain Islands, instead of malestrom there will be a race of cyborgs, and instead of 4 factions there will be about 20 different teams. Also the game being different than LEGO Universe makes it more possible of bei…

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  • BlueJay11

    LU Returning??

    February 15, 2013 by BlueJay11

    Hi Everyone, here is a little thing I have to say to all of you who played LU I know those of you (at least most :P) who played LU really miss LU. But let me get on topic and say the reason I made this blog post, the reason I created it is because of the recent thing have been happening since LEGO Universe's Sad Closure are strange and hereis what they are.....
    1. Look at this link [1] he says that as far as we know we don't know if it will follow the LU Storyline
    2. The LU Site is still open after 2 years that wasn't like that with Power Miners or Atlantis. Here are the Links [2] and [3] even the Hall of Fame Section is still open.
    3. LEGO Galaxy Squad has different factions and notice the similarity, Red Team-Paradox, Green Team-Venture Le…

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