Well as the name says I am making Custom Brickipedians. I will try to make all the Brickpedians I can but here are the ones that are in the 1st wave.
  • ME
  • Me with a Helmet
  • Max the LEGO Minifigure
  • RaceLord
  • RaceLord with Visor Closed
  • RaceLord Without Helmet
  • RaceLord in Action
  • AwesomeKnight
  • Darth Henry
  • NightBlazerSaber
  • LegoIndy
  • Batgirl78
  • Mr. Brix (Before Transformation)
  • ErkelonJay
  • KoN
  • Jeyo
  • BrickfilmNut
  • Cap. America
  • Mythrun
  • Irnakk (Gondorian Ranger, Dwarf Version in Next Wave)
  • Lord Czech
  • HunterKiller
  • Storm
  • 1999bug
  • Legoboy
  • CloneTrooperFan
  • Soup
  • L2H
  • DarkFox


Chipika you will be in the next wave

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