Hi Everyone, here is a little thing I have to say to all of you who played LU I know those of you (at least most :P) who played LU really miss LU. But let me get on topic and say the reason I made this blog post, the reason I created it is because of the recent thing have been happening since LEGO Universe's Sad Closure are strange and hereis what they are.....
1. Look at this link [1] he says that as far as we know we don't know if it will follow the LU Storyline
2. The LU Site is still open after 2 years that wasn't like that with Power Miners or Atlantis. Here are the Links [2] and [3] even the Hall of Fame Section is still open.
3. LEGO Galaxy Squad has different factions and notice the similarity, Red Team-Paradox, Green Team-Venture League, Orange Team-Assembly and Blue Team-Senteniels.
4. The Mandarians hairpiece is similar to the Stromlings
5. 2014 is one year before the original closure date of LU.
6. The Minifigure MMOG was announced shortly after the closure of Lego Universe
7. Some of the Minifigures have a similar color scheme to the factions on LU
8. Apparently it will include properties like in LU according to what it says here [4] but it will have unlockable characters and I just like customizing my own character
9. Lego Universe Message boards are still open [5]
And finally 10. Many fans have been begging for LU to come I even sent LEGO and email and my reply was that we are sorry that you miss LU and a few more things after that
So anyways post your opinion below.

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