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  • BobTheDoctor27

    Hello users of Brickipedia! Matoro1 here! I'm currently working on a story on Extreme Bionicles Wiki and Custom Bionicles Wiki. I thought I might give you guys a taste of my story in the following chapter, which was written in 2008. If you want to find more infomation follow this link.

    Toa Iolan, Toa of fire, protector of Ta-Vaaca, was about to die. It wasn’t a fate that he had particularly known the moment he woken up that morning but every single day of his life was like that. The Rahkshi of Shattering was stood over him. He could see the burning flame of insanity inside its eyes. The Kraata must have been driven mad. It was trapped inside the armor of a mutated freak, all alone; from birth to death, locked inside a metal cage of the Rahk…

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