So I've heard the idea that there are enough/too many admins. I would like to debunk this-I have many reasons why it's not true.

I've heard that there's a wiki where more than 50% of it's active users are admins. The claim is that if we have that happen, we'll be like it.
-This makes no sense. As long as we only give administrative tools to those who require them, we won't be changing.

I hear that it's not necessary-nonsense-administrators are often leave for periods of time, and administrative tools just mean responsibility-the more people working on it, the easier the job is for everyone.

People have said that if you have a lot of administrators, then you'll make anyone who requests it an administrator-this makes no sense-how is this true? This only happens if you have a bureaucrat who isn't really following the rules

I've been told that they may mess up-so what? Everyone makes mistakes, even administrators. If they delete a page, then it can be restored. If they block someone mistakenly, they can be unblocked. Administrators have made mistakes all the time when there were few, why does this change when there are many?

I've also heard that making more administrators results in that person making more administrators. That only happens if you promote someone to bureaucrat who decides to be bad.

As long as you only promote the users who really do what an administrator does without the tools to administrator, then nothing goes wrong.

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