How to quit Brickipedia.

Step 0: Be on Brickipedia.

Step 1: Resolve to leave.

Step 2: Do NOT post anything on your usepage about leaving. Then anyone who wants you there will bug you. Return to Step 0.

Step 3: Do NOT make a blog about leaving. This is counterproductive and draws a lot of attention about the subject of your leaving. Return to Step.

Step 4: You can leave a small note...but nothing big. Perhaps say that you'll be a bit inactive.

Step 5: Do a little the next day.

Step 6: You're gone.

Seriously...if you want to leave, don't make a blog about it. In fact, don't edit your userpage. I've tried both, especially the userpage one, quite a few times, and it has never worked. All it does is make it seem like you need attention, which may not be true, as most of the people then come back after all the attention, only to "leave" again a few days later.

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