I returned to LEGOLAND this friday (the first time was on Monday). Today there was no rain and there were two more days before christmas, so it was extremely busy. We left very early, and we had to wait 45 minutes in line to get in. I spent most of the time separate from my family. Sadly, the lines were REALLY long, and the few rides I wanted to go one, which were the ones that don't go quickly and allow you to see a lot of cool sculptures. I explored, took pictures, and ate good food. I also bought some things. We were planning to stay all day, but we ended up getting bored and left before it got dark, so we didn't get to see Miniland at night. I saw some people getting a tour of the model workshop, and I really wish that I knew how.

What I bought:

Instead of pick-a-brick, they have a charge by the pound. 31 dollars per pound (it seems expensive, but LEGO isn't that light-I paid 10 dollars for 217 parts, so I got a great deal). The bricks are extremely useful, with a lot of those beams and tiles.

I also got:
Series 2:

  • 2 Karate Masters (total 4 now)
  • 1 Witch (2 total now)
  • 1 Spartan!

Series 3:

  • Space Villain! (My favorite)
  • Gorilla Suit Guy (Great)
  • Indian Chief
  • Race Car Driver (Total 2)
  • Hula Dancer (Total 2)


  • 5994 Catapult (2005)
  • 30040 Octopus
  • 7279 Police Minifigure Collection
  • 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack
  • 7527 Quest Against Time (25 dollars!)

So it was a good haul. Unfortunately, bringing it back will take more bag space.

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