These are LEGO spaceships, starting right after my "jaunt" with SPI ships to today.

One-Seater Tourist Ship-September 11 BF2MOCTourist

Space Rescue Shuttle-September 23 BF2MOCRescueShuttle

YX1 Laser Scout-September 24 BF2MOCYX1

Dark Space Bandits Treasure Hunter-September 25 BF2MOCDSBTreasure

Micro Scale Starspeeder-September 27 BF2MOCMicroStarspeeder

Sub-Surface Explorers Hover Diller-October 3 BF2MOCSSEHover

Space Racer-The Bull-October 10 BF2MOCSRBull

Space Racer-Monster Burner-October 10 BF2MOCSRMonster-Hard to take pictures due to shape...ugh-I should have put it on a transparent brick stand.

Space Racer-Officiant Racer 1-October 10 BF2MOCSROfficiant

Long Range Laser Flyer-October 23 BF2MOCLaserFlyer

Blazetron Burster-October 30 BF2MOCBtronBurster

X33 Trident Force Bomber-November 4 BF2MOCX33

X12 Trident Force Stealth Fighter-November 8 BF2MOCX12

XY9 Trident Force Speeder-November 13 BF2MOCXY9

X54 Blazetron Experimental Ship, "El Loco"-November 13 BF2MOCX54

X100 Blazetron Excellion-November 13 BF2MOCX100

X20 Trident Force "Snake"-November 13 BF2MOCX20

Future Phipcycle-November 13 BF2MOCPhipFuture

That's in ascending order by date. The most recent are at the end. My best (in my opinion) is the Blazetron Burster, but the Trident Force Stealth Bomber, Stealth Fighter, and Speeder, and all pretty good. The other two Blazetron ships are so-so. Please comment and tell me which is your favorite! BobaFett Talk Adventure logo MOCPages Group (Click) 01:27, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

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