This is my first set review, so please don't judge it harshly.

Set 7942 is a low-price City set with many great pieces. If you are looking for Firefighter pieces this set has a Fire Hose, an entire toolkit, and a firefighter with a gas mask, plus and extra hose-handle that serves as a gun if you want it to. The set itself has a good design, with a Firetruck and Trailer.


The trailer has one problem: the only way for it to stand straight is to attach a piece to it which falls off and gets in the way at other times. Other than that, the trailer is near perfect:

  • 2 Compartments for carrying things
  • Carries a toolkit
  • Contains a Firehose
  • Has great pieces

The Truck:

While not being very big, this truck is very attractive. It features many new pieces. A cool part of it is the back which can carry things. Truck:

  • Great wheel look *the part around the wheels is great)
  • Cool bumber in front
  • The stickers are great
  • Has a flashlight and radio
  • Fits the Firefighter Perfectly


  • Great Look
  • Contains a Firefighter with a cool gas mask-apparatus
  • The set contains numerous tools
  • The set is not very expensive
  • The set has great pieces
  • The set has a firehose
  • The stickers are great


  • Awkward piece on trailer
  • You must remove roof to take out Firefighter
  • The set is not very large
  • The set only contains 1 minifigure

Is the set worth the money?

Definitely. This set contains a cool gas mask, many useful and new pieces, and the stickers are not difficult to place and have a great look. Overall, if you like City, you should buy this set. If you don't like City, this set still has some stuff you may want.

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