The Space Police II Combat Mecha is a Mecha used by the Space Police II to put down crime in the area. It is equipped with a tough shield, and a powerful laser. The Mecha's legs are also powerful and stable, equipped with an equalizer system and powerful motors. The arms are relatively weaker, but serve mainly to support the shield and laser. The Space Police II Combat Mecha also has two overhead lasers, each with two laser launchers.

Design Notes: I built this based off my previous ArcheoGenis Mecha. The only other copy I have of that cockpit part (except trans light blue, which looks weird on a tough Mecha) was from a Space Police II Jail cell, and so I decided to make it a Space Police II Mecha. I really like the result, and the hardest part was the arms, because after I had made the legs, my "unique" system for the arms made it difficult to attach arms that worked well and didn't look odd. The overhead lasers were also a nice touch. Almost (but not) as hard were the weapons. There are few black BIONICLE weapons (the only one that would look even close to decent on it is Tuuma's Sword, which isn't what I'm looking for). I ended up first trying to use the Space Police III's laser design (on the largest ship from the theme) but instead, I decided to do a laser gun. The shield was a given, once I made the laser-however, I had no idea whatsoever I should do to make it. I tried using a bunch of TECHNIC "plate-beams" but it didn't work. I then noticed the parts I had gotten from my friend, and they looked perfect.

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