So, a while ago I saw an ad on craigslist. It was by a guy named Tim Keran. Selling tons of old LEGOs. He's an AFOL. I went there again today, and got awesome sets. So awesome, that I can't describe their awesomeness. Tim sells on Bricklink, and he makes so much money that he deducts it as a business expense from his taxes. He has rooms full of LEGOs, and still hasn't added lots of stuff to his inventory. The best part is: His house is only 15 minutes away from mine, so I can get a 20 dollar discount from him and I can request stuff on bricklink and drop by to pay him and pick it up.

The sets:

For my brother's B-Day (April 3rd):

  • 4797 Ogel Mutant Killer Whale Freaking Amazing. 6 dollars!!!! YEAH!!
  • 2 of the Islanders Catamaran boats, one with stickers, the other without. 12 dollars total, because of oldness and rarity. Completely worth it, as I didn't have to pay!

I'm super happy, but the set which I originally wanted most was the Spy-Trak I. No Spy-Trak I for BobaFett2 this time though. Maybe next time.

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