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  • Boidoh


    This review is on the Indiana Jones set "Race To The Stolen Treasure".


    1. Cool CAR (not cars)

    2. Cool Horse

    3. Price (30 BZD/15 USD)


    1. It had some missing pieces. So i couldn't build the 2nd car. Not the one with the canvas the one with the camera.

    2. Mines came without mini figures.

    No wonder its for 15 USD. Get if its complete.

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  • Boidoh

    Review On Brick Box

    December 6, 2009 by Boidoh


    My second review is here. The LEGO Brick Box. Its good but has some cons of its own.


    1. White-Wash Fences

    2. Can Make Some Cool Stuff

    3. Plenty Of Red Bricks (Favorite Color)

    4. A Container For Bricks


    1. 200+ sounds like a lot but its not. I only got it cause its something. Get the deluxe brick box or large brick box. Another horrible one is the pink brick box which someone at school has.

    2. Only 2 White-Wash Fences. I know i put it as a pro but in this case only TWO. So that means when im asleep the prisoners from the LEGO City Prison will rob the house.

    P.S: I don't have the police station..

    3. No Mini figure. Only a ugly mini figure wannabe made from pure LEGO Bricks, not pure mini figure pieces.

    4. I made a two-story house and all …

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  • Boidoh

    Hi, I am now putting up reviews for all my LEGO Sets. As soon as I get a new one I will put up a new one.I am doing them in the order i got them. Here is a review on m first ever LEGO set Rough Terrain Crane for LEGO Technic.

    This set is a really good set. Especially its color scheme because yellow is my 4th favorite color. Its my first ever set i got. Now to the cons and the pros.


    1. YELLOW (4th favorite color)

    2. The Red Technic Brick

    3. The crane can support a 2 pound weight (Maybe its just mine)


    1. EXPENSIVE AT BELIZE DOLLARS. I got it for 45 Belize dollars (BZD). It is $22.50 USD.

    2. Sometime the crane moves even when it has on its feet to the grown.

    Overall a good set, maybe this is just mines. Yours may be different. In the next …

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