My second review is here. The LEGO Brick Box. Its good but has some cons of its own.


1. White-Wash Fences

2. Can Make Some Cool Stuff

3. Plenty Of Red Bricks (Favorite Color)

4. A Container For Bricks


1. 200+ sounds like a lot but its not. I only got it cause its something. Get the deluxe brick box or large brick box. Another horrible one is the pink brick box which someone at school has.

2. Only 2 White-Wash Fences. I know i put it as a pro but in this case only TWO. So that means when im asleep the prisoners from the LEGO City Prison will rob the house.

P.S: I don't have the police station..

3. No Mini figure. Only a ugly mini figure wannabe made from pure LEGO Bricks, not pure mini figure pieces.

4. I made a two-story house and all my bricks and finished. It used over 278 bricks. I had to ask for some free bricks from my friend.

Its overall i little good set but a much horrible one. DONT BUY IT.

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