Hi, I am now putting up reviews for all my LEGO Sets. As soon as I get a new one I will put up a new one.I am doing them in the order i got them. Here is a review on m first ever LEGO set Rough Terrain Crane for LEGO Technic.

This set is a really good set. Especially its color scheme because yellow is my 4th favorite color. Its my first ever set i got. Now to the cons and the pros.


1. YELLOW (4th favorite color)

2. The Red Technic Brick

3. The crane can support a 2 pound weight (Maybe its just mine)


1. EXPENSIVE AT BELIZE DOLLARS. I got it for 45 Belize dollars (BZD). It is $22.50 USD.

2. Sometime the crane moves even when it has on its feet to the grown.

Overall a good set, maybe this is just mines. Yours may be different. In the next 30 seconds please expect another review.

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