What is KONY 2012?

thumb|600px|center|Please Watch... This is important. Josheph Kony is the leader of the LRA, a an army forged by ill morals and hunger for power.

For many years, he has hired men to kidnap young boys and girls and force them into a life of horror. The boys, are armed and trained to fight, if they refuse, they are forced to mutilate their families and friends. The girls are used as s*x slaves for the LRA leaders.

This sounds shocking, and it is but what is more shocking is that nobody knows of this.

The name Kony is one that, to many of you means nothing. And the children and their horrific lifes are invisible to us. They are the invisible children,

KONY 2012 is an organisation lead by Landon Pigg, a man who was told by the US government that his aims were impossible, yet he has proved that with the power of the people, it is possible.

How to help

You can help by raising awareness of kony, if the people lose interest, the US advisors will ull out of Uganda and leave the children vulnerable once more.

If the people know about it, the US advisors will do their best to arrest Kony by 31st of December 2012.

If Kony is arrested by December 31st 2012, it will prove that the power of the people can unite countries and even continents to forge a strong fighting force.

Make it known. Spread the word.


Any questions on how to "Spread the word, ask me, Zero or leave it in the comments section.


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