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One of the original issues.

My favorite comic book in the world has to be the Star Wars slapstic, The adventures of Tag and Bink. The comic follows two young padawans (Tag Greenly and Bink Otauna) as they merely escape death and cataclysmic events on the funnier side of the Star Wars universe.

So now...

  • I want you to tell me what is your favorite comic book story/hero.
  • Then I challenge you to make a diorama from that comic. (Nothing too fancy, its the thought that counts.
  • If enough users take part, I will judge and the winner will get a shiny star!

p.s. I will also take part and add a diorama from "Tag and Bink are dead!"

p.p.s. I still want ideas from you guys for future MOCs you want me to make.

Good Luck!

--From the desk of Jonathan D. Rogers 15:52, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

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