Standard uniform/armour for team members.

The Chamele0n Clan, we started off in late 2010 and now, one year on, we are in the top 1% of Halo: Reach players.

So who are we?

  • King Chamele0n - Matheu, the founder and highest ranking member. French, The lord of Hydromel!
  • Elyselene - Elena, joined the squad at the same time as myself, low ranking but a brilliant tactician. Italian, let her drive.
  • Jamie D 360 - Jamie, a great friend and one of the only British squadmates. English, do as he says.
  • Sergeant Jon - Me, The common-or-garden cannon fodder of the team but good with fast cars. English, The taxi driver.
  • JenithKumar - Jenith, the longest serving member and Chamele0n's second in command. French, The rogue.
  • TR Ramon - Ramon, the politest american I know, the best shot this side of Aszód. America, worth the british stereotype jokes.
  • Harlequin Jitsu - Amadeus (cyclops), the classic gamer and the other British squadmates. English, don't ask about the eye.
  • ChriSchiKriShna - Christopher, the main recruiter and scout for the team. German, exceedingly talented.

So that is the main squad, however, the entire clan is around 50 gamers by Chamele0n's reckoning.

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