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  • Brandon10002

    Here are some new categories that I made up for my favorite LEGO theme, City.

    60050 City Bus

    60051 Transit Worker 4-Pack

    60052 Bus Station

    60053 Rapid Transit

    60054 Commuter Rail

    60055 Light Rail

    60056 Metro Station/with Parking Garage

    60057 Commuter Rail Station

    60058 Light Rail Station

    60059 Work Train

    60060 Military Base

    60061 Tank

    60061 Army Transport Bus

    60062 HUMVEE

    60063 Jeep

    60065 Army Men 4-Pack

    60066 School

    60067 Grocery Store

    60068 Pizzeria

    60069 Thrift Store

    60070 Post Office

    60071 City Services 4-Pack

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  • Brandon10002

    Well, I have some exciting news. LEGO City has finally decided to get off of their lazy behinds in 2014. They are making new police sets. How exciting!!! Here is a picture of it, right here!

    So, for all you people that are looking for a new police station, you have something that is worth saving your money for in the coming year, Lord willing. Thank you for vewing this and God Bless all of you! GordonHenryandJamesfan1992 (talk) 18:06, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

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