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aka Brick the Creeper

  • I live in a state of insanity
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student, Artist, Writer, Administrator
  • I am Epic, Awsome, Dashing, and a Christian!
  • Brick Creeper

    Hello fellow brickakipedians and welcome to my first blog post! Recently I made a HUGE poll were you can vote for different types of LEGO theme categories. After the listed category I put a example of that category for example. Option 4 Space/Mars mission You would be voting for space NOT for mars missin. Space just represents all the space themes like blacktron and space police. Anyway whichever category wins I will make a custom theme on that topic AND will also mail a letter to lego telling the the winning vote and suggest that they make them in that category. For more information go to my user page. One last thing TELL EVERY BODY!!! My goal is to get 100 people or more to vote on it. I'm holding the poll up for at least a year. Brick C…

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