Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a little early for most of you, but I don't know if I'll have time tomorrow. :P Anyway, I figured that someone has to bring V-Day to Brickipedia, so I went ahead and made everyone Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day!
BrickfilmNut has given you a Valentine! It's just as cheap and corny as the ones you used to receive as a child, so it's sure to be full of nostalgia!

Ta-Dah! :P It's a little bit cynical, but that should be no problem for most of you. ;-)

Anyway, in order to ensure that I don't forget anyone (or fill up the RC) and that people who don't want it don't receive it, I'm just going to give it to everyone via this blog, and you can use the following code and place it wherever you want. It's a little less personal, but hopefully things are easier this way. ;-)

{{User:BrickfilmNut/Valentine's Day Card|{{u|BrickfilmNut}}}}

For more information on the code, please go here. Feel free to use the valentine yourself or "borrow" some of the code (after all, that's what I did to make it). :P And once again, happy Valentine's Day! :D

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