Hey everyone! The winners for the latest inter-wiki contest have been decided! Sorry for the wait; January is exam month. :P


  • In first place we have Tire Swing, by Aok, from the LEGO Message Boards Wiki! Breaking outside of a "typical" winter model, this entry showed great creativity and inspiration!
  • In second place we have A Mug of Hot Chocolate, by MeltE, from the LEGO Message Boards Wiki as well! A relatively-simple yet still creative and intriguing build as well as an attachment to a familiar memory really made this entry more than just a LEGO cup.
  • In third place we have Hanging Christmas Lights on the Shop, by Rioforce, from the LEGO Universe wiki. A very nice and interesting memory and also a good build, the only big drawback about the entry was the use of scotch tape for the lights, though it still managed to impress.

Closing Note

Thanks to everyone for participating! If you have won, you can expect to not only see your name in the upcoming "Hall of Fame" (first place winners only), but you'll also receive your prizes very shortly!

Oh, and if you want to take part in another fun contest, we have two currently running! For all you artists, there is a Medieval drawing contest that could really use more entries! In addition, there will also be another MOCing one with the theme of unity, though that will no longer be found on this Brickipedia. Anyway, be sure to enter!

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