Hey everyone! The winners for the first ever inter-wiki contest have been decided!


  1. In first place we have Phantom, by MeltE2, from the LEGO Message Boards Wiki! We were very impressed by this entry, and commend Melt for his amazing talent, vision, and creativity! We were by no means expecting an entry of this scale, and we were pleasantely surprised.
  • In second place we have The Body-Snatchers, by Foxbrow, from the LEGO Universe Wiki. Foxbrow not only demonstrated some of the best photography of the contest, but perfectly captured the mood of the contest with his entry.
  • In third place we have The Tale of the Headless Horseman, by cmgmvg, also from the LEGO Universe wiki. Although perhaps not the spookiest or most complex entry of the contest, cmgmvg still definitely demonstrated his fair share of creativity and vision. Great job!


  1. In first place we have "The BIONICLE Night Crisis" by ClutchTheGreat, from the LEGO Message Boards Wiki. A nice, short little story that met all the criteria, it is worth reading if you happen to read this blog.
  2. In second place we have Mr. Brix's story.

Closing Note

Thanks to everyone for participating! This was a much more successful contest than was anticipated, and we will certainly be hosting more for much of the foreseeable future! :D Please note that if you have won, you can expect to not only see your name in the upcoming "Hall of Fame" (first place winners only), but you'll also receive your prizes very shortly!

Oh, and if you want to take part in another fun contest, check out the November-December one here!

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