Set name: Task One Includes: Bleachers, a stand for the egg, a dragon, and a bridge for Harry to fly across (so he would need his Firebolt) running away from the dragon Minifigs: Harry Potter (Triwizard Tournoment robes), Mad-Eye Moody, Dumbledor, Ron (gryffondor robes), Hermione (Gryphondor robes), and Draco Malfoy (Slytherin robes). Extras: Banners like, "GO POTTER", "CEDRIC ROCKS", "DOWN WITH POTTER-UP WITH CEDRIC",ect. Also,rubble should be included to show the dragon destoying stuff. The last thing that should be included is some rocks. The box would be about the size of the burrow or a bit smaller.

                                              Look tomorrow for more ideas!

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