Are you tired of looking over to the recent wiki activity and seeing the last edit was over an hour ago? I know I am. My goal of program titled the Active Wiki Movement (AWM) is to make sure the wiki activity never stops again! Request to join in the comments. Please note: To join you must have your "LEGO!!!" Badge.

UPDATE due to my inactivity, and the closing of the F12, the AWM will be extended INDEFINATELY. Due to this, rules are being introduced. Don't worry! They're basic!

  1. Edit as often as you can! We don't want to see that Recent Activity feed stop!
  2. No vandalism. Vandals will be kicked out, and not allowed to join again
  3. Respect your fellow Brickepedians.
  4. Tell your friends! With NightblazeSaber inactive, the F12 is as well. Maybe we can get their old members in as well!
  5. Wear the user box with pride!

I'm sure if we can follow these simple rules we should run smoothly.

FAQ What is the AWM?

  • The AWM is a program which is designed to keep the recent activity feed from stopping. Look throughout it and you will see there are patches where nothing happens. The goal of the AWM, edits should not be more than 30 minutes apart

Can I be in the AWM and the F12 at the same time?

  • Yes. If the F12 returns, you are free to be in both, the AWM has no restrictions on being in other groups. If another group does not let you be in 2 at a time, that's fine! You can choose the other one if you want!

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