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    Hi there!

    September 25, 2011 by C0000L

    Hi, !

    I thought I'd introduce myself first and foremost. I've edited wikis for awhile, however I forgot the log in details for my previous account. I mainly edited "Gaming" Wikis back then.

    Just recently, I remade a account for Wikia, "C0000L". And after a week of trying to find a good wiki, that I would enjoy editing I stumbled across this wiki, Brickipedia.

    I'd like to offer all my skills here, be it coding, and knowledge over LEGO. I will often be trying to find, and make new interesting things for the wiki css, and js :D

    So, hiya . I hope to contribute often with you all :)

    note: This uses the "username" template. Meaning, it will use your username. IT is not directed towards anyone.

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