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    • Legends of Chima - This started and became the new big thing. Animals do stuff and stuff and some stuff. There is a game thing though I'd forgot that as I've never seen anyone talk about it ever.
    • The Lone Ranger - my mind tried to forget this existed. Nice to see another failure to join the likes of Prince of Persia.
    • Lord of the Rings - "I suppose we should include a female in one set" "Yeah I guess so".
    • Master Building Academy - forgot this was a thing
    • Mindstorms - keeps the robot people happy for another decade or so
    • Minecraft - I thought these were for this year, but okay. I've seen my brothers play Minecraft and they don't remind me of the game at all.
    • Ninjago - it was fun when everyone was moaning that Ninjago finished.
    • Serious Play - No fli…
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    • Architecture - this continued. The best set was that one which was just some white bricks for adults, since adults are well known to fear colour.
    • Bricks and More - there were bricks. There was also a couple of minifigures, which I guess counts as "More".
    • Castle - I didn't realize they released any Castle sets in 2013 until now.
    • City - Fires. Police. Coast Guard. A couple of trucks. Business as usual.
    • Collectable Minifigures - (insert the image of the LEGO Stormtroopers beating a dead horse here). Finally we got a policeman and a knight. Even the figures that don't already exist were a mix of stuff that no one had ever thought "I wish I had a minifigure of that" - plumbers, welders, trendsetters, sad clowns and people dressed as chickens and be…

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    December 27, 2013 by CJC95

    Some thoughts that people should take into account because I and others are finding all the current arguments between people annoying and these are the reasons they are happening.

    • No one cares about your opinion. No one needs to know your thoughts on whatever game/tv show/film/painting. If you are discussing it, then sure, say what you think, but bare in mind other people won't feel the same and so don't be shocked by that, or offended by that, or offensive about that. Don't just randomly say "I HATE DOCTOR WHO" just because someone with a TARDIS avatar joins. That is just trying to start a fight, and also, no one cares.
      • I don't tell you my opinion on whenever you make a stupid comment on chat for example, because it would be a quick way to …

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    November 16, 2013 by CJC95

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    November 1, 2013 by CJC95

    [1] [2]

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