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  • Architecture - this continued. The best set was that one which was just some white bricks for adults, since adults are well known to fear colour.
  • Bricks and More - there were bricks. There was also a couple of minifigures, which I guess counts as "More".
  • Castle - I didn't realize they released any Castle sets in 2013 until now.
  • City - Fires. Police. Coast Guard. A couple of trucks. Business as usual.
  • Collectable Minifigures - (insert the image of the LEGO Stormtroopers beating a dead horse here). Finally we got a policeman and a knight. Even the figures that don't already exist were a mix of stuff that no one had ever thought "I wish I had a minifigure of that" - plumbers, welders, trendsetters, sad clowns and people dressed as chickens and bees - and rehashes of the ones they released last year. The best figure though was the Lady Robot, because nothing says innovation like taking last years design and adding pink.
  • Creator - same old.
  • Cuusoo - A DeLorean from BTTF. Nothing shows off your new showcase for LEGO fans imagination like your only release of the year being based off a movie from the 1980s.
  • DUPLO - like you care.
  • Friends - girl power and all that stuff. They showed off some more talents, then went to the beach. They also started collecting pets. If you ask me, the 2014 line up shows that they have gone a bit out of hand. A Tiger? For one thing, how did they get the proper licensing for a pet tiger?
  • LEGO Games - died in its sleep at home, alone. It was months before the postman noticed the smell and got the police to burst the door down, yet the body was being eaten by the cats. No one came to the funeral, as everyone forgot it existed. There was a couple of licensed ones and an unreleased one. This is why we can't have any new, nice things.
  • Hero Factory - still exists.

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