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  • Legends of Chima - This started and became the new big thing. Animals do stuff and stuff and some stuff. There is a game thing though I'd forgot that as I've never seen anyone talk about it ever.
  • The Lone Ranger - my mind tried to forget this existed. Nice to see another failure to join the likes of Prince of Persia.
  • Lord of the Rings - "I suppose we should include a female in one set" "Yeah I guess so".
  • Master Building Academy - forgot this was a thing
  • Mindstorms - keeps the robot people happy for another decade or so
  • Minecraft - I thought these were for this year, but okay. I've seen my brothers play Minecraft and they don't remind me of the game at all.
  • Ninjago - it was fun when everyone was moaning that Ninjago finished.
  • Serious Play - No flick fire missiles here. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! (get it, as its aimed at business? I'll get my coat)
  • Space - Galaxy Squad - I'm sure this was like 2012? Wasn't Czech going on about it then? Looking back at these sets is really confusing me.
  • Star Wars - If I'm correct, there was a whole 2 sets that weren't remakes. What a year to be a Star Wars collector.
  • Super Heroes - Batman did his thing, Aquaman showed up because LEGO wanted to use more than 2 of its DC licenses, Superman did whatever the hell he does, Iron Man had some random vehicles thrown in because the movie didn't adapt itself to playsets very well. (Everyone remembers the scene where Iron Man and the Mandarin fight in giant rocket buggies, right?
  • TECHNIC - Everytime I write about TECHNIC I mock it. Well not today.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - until I saw the 2014 list, I'd forgot this happened.
  • The Hobbit - LEGO must have loved the decision to stretch into three films of over long sequences.

Anyway, that was 2013. Great. Brilliant. I'm sure next year will be even better.

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