My attempt at this. Constructive criticism or praise please:


Upcoming set news!

  • Yes, the Christmas sets. You were all waiting for these aren't we? Anyway, here you go (Images from Toys n Bricks, prices in CAD). They are available from 1 November:
  • An image of part 2 of the Christmas two-parter has emerged. It will be available from November 25-28 apparently, if you spend US$99 at LEGO Stores. Part One can be seen below in the recent releases section:

Na-na-na-na-na-video game!

  • LEGO Batman 2 is apparently on the way, as many Brickipedians guessed. Of course, this joins the apparent Super Heroes game. Are they one and the same? Or are we getting a DC vs. Marvel any time soon? What would you prefer?

Menace heading to UK screens.

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace will air in the UK on Cartoon Network at 6pm tomorrow (Monday 24). According to Den of Geek, it will on November 7 be released exclusively at Tesco on DVD and Blu-Ray, at £5 and £8. It will apparently have a few other shorts as extras, and Blu-Ray copies come with your very own minifigure. So, something to pick up during your weekly shop?

Something completely different

CubeStormer II00:36

CubeStormer II

Recent releases and promotions

Spend over £50/US$99 at LEGO stores and get 3300020 Holiday Set 1 of 2 free.


Speaking of Seasonal sets, Halloween is round the corner, and while we all wait for the LEGO Zombie costume to be released, you can get these sets:

Bricktober - American Toys R Us stores, you can get 2856226 Astronaut Magnet

Astronaught Magnet

Brickipedian news

You could say admin nominations are like buses, because you wait ages for one then a load come at once. However, people who say that forget that buses have wheels:

Also, as usual we have forums that are destined to be skim-read by you and then ignored:

And, while you are here, you may as well check if you want to do any of the to-dos.

Special Thanks

Well, firstly I thank myself for writing it.

Sources include Brickset, Toys N Bricks and Google News.

And thanks to CGCJ for finding the page I couldn't be bothered to search for.

And nice logo FB.

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