FlagUk Fire Temple Christmas top toy FlagUk


Once again LEGO has a product in the Top 12 Christmas toys. The Toy Retailer's Association predicts that Ninjago set 2507 Fire Temple will be a top seller. At £89.99, it is the most expensive product on the list.

FlagUs Giant LEGO man part of art festival FlagUs

The mystery of the LEGO minifigure which washed up on to a Florida beach on Tuesday has been solved. The figure was believed by some to be a promotion for the new LEGOLAND park, but according to Sarasota Visual art, it is by a Dutch artist Leon Keer. The rather-large-figure, called "Ego Leonard". To find out more about the artist, visit his website.

Voldemort's bad hair day

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Voldemort Trailer

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Voldemort Trailer

The latest trailer for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 shows He-who-cannot-be-named trying a few new looks.

FlagUkLego House hits 18 in chartsFlagUk

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has reached number 18 in the single charts with his song "Lego House". The music video features two sets, 5866 Rotor Rescue and 5771 Hillside House, as well as Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint.

New sets

News instructions show Ninjago polybags

Some new 2012 sets have emerged, the polybags. They have some ninja's seem to have new head-wear, so I guess the local clothes store was having a sale.

Like Stickers?

If so, you will probably be looking forward to the latest DK sticker books, based on the ever-popular Star Wars and Ninjago. These aren't just any sticker collection, no, these are Ultimate Sticker Collections! (Which probably means they are more expensive...)

Clone Wars arrives on Mac


LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars has arrived on Mac. It has been available to download from the 28th (Friday) and has been brought to Mac by Feral Interactive.

Images of 6913 found

Images of upcoming set 6913 Blue Roadster have emerged:

Shopping news

FlagFrance lists Super Heroes sets FlagFrance

Head over to Brick Heroes to check out the latest Euro-prices for the Super Heroes range, which has been listed on the French Amazon site.

FlagUs Cars 2 gears up for release at TRU FlagUs


If you are looking to buy the new Cars 2 DVD, pop down to Toys R Us and buy the 2 Disc Blu-Ray combo pack and get a free disc featuring LEGO Cars 2 animated shorts, trailers and interviews with the designers.

FlagUk Free Brickley at Bluewater FlagUk

Buy anything at the Bluewater LEGO Store, regardless of price, from now until the 6th November and get 3300001 Brickley free. For more details see here.

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