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Some thoughts that people should take into account because I and others are finding all the current arguments between people annoying and these are the reasons they are happening.

  • No one cares about your opinion. No one needs to know your thoughts on whatever game/tv show/film/painting. If you are discussing it, then sure, say what you think, but bare in mind other people won't feel the same and so don't be shocked by that, or offended by that, or offensive about that. Don't just randomly say "I HATE DOCTOR WHO" just because someone with a TARDIS avatar joins. That is just trying to start a fight, and also, no one cares.
    • I don't tell you my opinion on whenever you make a stupid comment on chat for example, because it would be a quick way to get everyone to hate me.
  • Don't take everything personally. Especially in chat. Conversations in chat usually come in pairs, so not everyone will be talking to you.
  • We get it, you two users don't like each other. How about don't read each others blogs, and don't talk to each other on chat, and just leave each other alone. If you hated some guy who lived down your street, you wouldn't keep going over for tea would you? No. Why is the internet different?
  • No one cares that you are a chat mod or admin either. Doesn't mean you can feel better than those that aren't.
  • Listen to me. The more I'm ignored, the more likely I am to actually try and solve a problem.

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