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  • CM4S


    July 22, 2012 by CM4S

    I'm finally starting something I've been planning for a while. All I need it a few people to request cameos. Only up to 10 people can have cameos. Thanks!

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  • CM4S

    Upcoming LDD MOCS

    July 15, 2012 by CM4S

    Here's the list:

    I have four DC sets planned:

    • Joker's Laughing Train and the Bat-Copter [FINISHED]
    • Mr. Freeze's Ice Cream Truck
    • Penguin's Sub and the Robin Skiboat
    • The Arkham Asylum Breakout

    I have a few Spider-Man movie trilogy sets planned:

    • Doc Ock's Bank Robbery
    • New Goblin Encounter
    • Green Goblin's Balcony Attack
    • Doc Ock's Hideout

    A few Monster Fighters, too:

    • The Witches (Half-done)
    • The Pharaoh


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  • CM4S

    News blog 12/7/12

    July 12, 2012 by CM4S

    Hey everyone! This news blog's theme today is: Comic Con!

    As we all know, San Diego Comic Con 2012 is happening! Here's what to expect at the LEGO Booth:

    • A Darth Maul mini-set
    • A Build-a-Bilbo Baggins scavenger hunt. (You get to keep Bilbo, I believe)
    • The unveiling of a Rancor Pit set.
    • 5 inch-models of Green Ninja, Batman, Spiderman, and Luke Skywalker!
    • The new The Hobbit Bag End (?) set.
    • The new Super Heroes minifigures for 2013.
    • A special announcement for Ninjago!
    • Free Venom, Phoenix, Shazam!, and Bizarro minifigures! (Raffles)

    To anyone who's going, have fun! I'd pay you for your troubles for a Bilbo or Phoenix ;)

    • Mystery of the Ring
    • Fleeing from the Mirkwood Spiders
    • Attack of the Wargs
    • Cave of King Orc
    • Bag End

    Odd thing is, the set numbers are 5 digits! Ho…

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    DirecTV customers may lose access to Viacom’s 17 television channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central, at the end of the day on Tuesday because of a dispute between the two companies.

    The blackout, if it happens, would affect DirecTV’s 19.9 million customers in the United States — almost one-fifth of all the households that subscribe to cable or satellite television across the country. It is the latest in a series of fights over the fees paid by distributors like DirecTV for bundles of channels owned by programmers like Viacom. Earlier this month customers of one of DirecTV’s competitors, the Dish Network, lost access to the channels AMC, IFC and WE TV.

    The fight between DirecTV and Via…

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