Hello, Brickipedians! Just wanted to make a blog post about MY opinion about the new theme, Super Heroes.

When I first saw the three new minifigures this morning, I got REALLY excited! (As you can see, my profile is all Superman'd..sorta) Anyways, I got excited and I expect this to be a great theme!


Batman: I like the torso print, and it looks like we get a new face! It looks pretty good.

Superman: Really awesome, love the new hair, and I hope he gets a double sided head like Green Lantern!

Green Lantern: I like this figure a lot, seeing how it has a double face, and cool printing!

Joker: Seems kinda creepy in a way, but looks cool! Can't wait to see new Harley!

Poison Ivy: Another great female figure, excellent printing, and beautiful hair. Loving the new hair printing!

Catwoman: Mask looks a little different than the one we got back in '06, but this figure kinda looks bland to me. =/

Wonder Woman: Amazing, just simply beautiful! I love the new hair, and the lasso'd rope! New Western theme? Maybe. I noticed there's side leg printing, which was introduced in Toy Story (barely..) and the Minifigures theme. She looks wondeful.

Iron Man: Good torso, and legs, but the mask....FAIL. This better be a prelim, which it probably is.

Hulk: Looks pretty good, just the right size, although he has no face. Hope the face looks good!

Captain America: Looks good, like the printing, especially on the shield. Too bad we don't get the little wings (?) on the side of his helmet.

Thor: Looks like the one in the new Thor movie...too bad no helmet. but, good printing, and I like the hammer.

Last but not least, Wolverine: He looks good, nice to see the Vampire hair from 0'6 Joker, and I like those claws, and the printing!

Afterall, I give all minifigs 10/10. I can't wait for this theme! Hoped you liked my review.

-Man Of Brick, CM4S.

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