Hi there. I was just putting out there that I noticed some Brickipedians play ROBLOX like me, and that..yeah.

For anyone who doesn't KNOW what ROBLOX is, ROBLOX is an MMPOG online virtual world where you can build your own game, and have other players use it. You can compete in contests, fourm (which I do all the time), buy clothes, hats, gear, faces, heads, and pants, or you can make your own clothes (only clothes) if you have Builder's Club.

Builder's Club is an additional thing to your account..? You can have MORE than one place, play BC Only games, but more expensive gear and hats, you can have a different kind of body other than the original classic blocky one. This is nothing like Minecraft (if you play that crap) except for building, yadda yadda yadda. You can also become friends with other users, and there's a recently added feature called "Chat" and "Party Chat"

Chat is where you can chat around the website, talk about stuff..and Party us the same thing, but you can have more than 1 person talking to you at a time.

Money. There is virtual currency in this game, and when you first start off, you get 10 tickets. If you buy any kind of Builder's Club, you will also earn ROBUX, the main money of ROBLOX. There are also ROBLOX Cards at Toys R' Us, Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and 7-Elevens' that have a total of $10.00. I have a lot to explain here, but here are the only users here I know that play ROBLOX:


Bug (You surprised?)

and Awesomeknight

I'll add more pics later, but for now, If you want to find out the rest just read it on the Wikipedia Article here: Wikipedia Article

And here's the website: ROBLOX


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