VOTING IS OVER Hello everyone, the contest is over, and now it's time for voting! Voting starts today, and ends on February 1st. You will post your two favorites in the comments, and on February 1st, I will tally up the votes, and the results will be released on the 7th!

We've had many amazing entries, with very amazing builders. The top three winners will receive a Series 6 Minifigure of their choice. Happy voting!

Br1ck animat0r's Entry

Bed time stories

This is Br1ck Animat0r's entry for the Sleepyhead.

Bedroom 1

You can view larger pictures here:

SuperSpyX's Entry

This is SuperSpyX's entry for the Bandit.

Bandit's Getaway

Legodesertvignette 001

^Full vignette

Legodesertvignette 002

^Detail of rattlesnake's den

Legodesertvignette 003

^Vignette without horse

Prisinorzeros entry

This is PrisinorZero's entry for the Surgeon. Hospital room

Power Jim's Entry

The Cogwork workshop

This is Power Jim's entry for the Clockwork Robot. Robot Workshop

Robot workshop (angle) Another Angle (left) Robot workshop (2) Can wear as badge. Robot workshop (3) Vig. badges pin.

Mr. Minifigure's Entry


This is Mr. Minifigure's entry for the Sleepyhead.

Crazed Penguin's Entry

My ship!!

This is Crazed Penguin's entry for the Classic Alien.

There you go! Happy voting, and don't forget! Um..I forget. Have fun! :D


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